This is our guide of our tax preparation service costs.
Our rates are extremely competitive.

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Premier Tax Advisory Services & Fee Schedule

Fee Schedule: Price:
Age 50+ Tax Return with all Schedules & e-Filing $79.95
Federal and State Basic 1040 with e-Filing $100.00
1 Schedule $30.00
2 or More Schedules $50.00
Amended Returns $75.00
Depreciation-Per Item $0
Charge for mailing returns $10
Extension request to be paid prior to filing $115.00
Cancellation fee $50.00
Partnership & Corporate returns will be determined in advance $300.00 to $600.00
Additional States $10.00
Electronic Filing No Charge

Please note: All quotes for pricing are based on reasonable and customary services provided. Additional bookkeeping, cost basis determinations, filings for 5500 form and the like, accounting or other research will be extra billed at a rate of $50.00 per hour and wherever possible estimates will be discussed with you prior to commencing preparation of the tax return. Payment is required before returns can be released to you. Please, bring a copy of your last year's return and provide copies of all w2's, 1099's, 1099R's, 1098's, year-end investment statements and the cost information for any sales of stocks or mutual funds.

For more detailed pricing, please click the contact us / quote request button below and provide as much detail about your tax filing needs as possible. You will be contacted directly by our accountant with customized pricing information.